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Vader’s Sabers LLC

Here at Vader’s Sabers LLC, we want to reinvigorate your imagination. Ever since we were kids we pretended that we had a lightsaber in our hands. Whether it was a stick, a piece of PVC pipe, or even moms broom we all pretended to be Jedi on another mission to save the galaxy. When the first movie “replicas” were sold at Walmart in the mid 90’s I remember getting Luke’s and dueling with my friends down the street until my mom was calling me for dinner – yes I was late and in trouble. It was so worth it.
Now 25 or so years later, we have much better technology for our light sticks. Our lightsabers blur the line between movie magic and what is possible in real life. Technological advancements known as “smooth swing”, SN-pixel, and xenopixel (hundreds of LED pixels in the blade) allow for the brightest and most realistic experience possible, short of cutting off an arm in the local cantina.

We will be bringing some merch, stickers, and of course, lightsabers to sell and play with!

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