That Talon Guy

Talon Berrios

Talon Berrios is avid Cosplayer and costume maker who has been doing Cosplay for around 15 years! He is also an actor and stunt Slider. Best known for his version of Marvel’s What If? Zombie Captain America, the Grinch Mandalorian, Deadpool, and a wide variety of characters.

Ivy Cosplay

IVY Cosplay

Ivy Cosplay, originally from Puerto Rico and currently, a resident of Florida, began cosplaying in 2010. Her first cosplay was of Lara Croft in a photoshoot. Ivy’s first public appearance in cosplay was during Star Wars Celebration VI where she appeared as Princess Leia during the convention, sparking her love for the cosplaying community thanks […]


I’m Mas’k! a costume customizer, character actor, and stunt performer! I specialize in Spider-Man but have done many different characters of the likes of Batman, Captain America and Deadpool. l adore working with non-profit charities, like “Costumers With A Cause” when I have the chance. To make a difference in a young ones world, for […]

Layla Ali

Layla Ali cosplayer

Meet Layla Ali, a 28-year-old cosplayer who has been honing her craft for almost two years now. With her vibrant personality and stunning costumes, Layla has become a familiar face in the cosplay community. She has guested in numerous conventions in Florida and even hosted panels on cosplay confidence and anxiety. Instagram: layla.ali_21.rodriguez