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The Underrated Film Locke

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I wanted to speak a tiny bit about one of my favorite films. It is highly underrated and stars the always spectacular Tom Hardy, who is on screen the entire 90 minutes of the film’s run time while driving a car.

Driving A Car, You Say?

If you’re a fan of Tom Hardy, then you know he’s capable of bringing a character to life with an unmatched level of tension and intensity. But what about when you put him in the driver’s seat of a movie? That’s exactly what happened with Locke, the 2013 psychological thriller starring Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke. The film follows Ivan as he embarks on a tumultuous journey that tests his mental and emotional strength.

The movie’s plot is simple but impactful; Ivan Locke is driving to London for a very important meeting that will have lasting consequences on his personal and professional life. During the two-hour car ride, we get to experience firsthand how Ivan deals with each obstacle that stands in his way while trying to maintain control over every aspect of his life. As the story builds, it becomes clear just how difficult it is for him to stay focused on the task at hand—especially when so many things can go wrong along the way.

All On His Shoulders

Tom Hardy’s performance as Ivan Locke makes this movie stand out from other psychological thrillers. Tom conveys a sense of urgency in each scene without overacting or resorting to cheap gimmicks like screaming or shouting. He moves through each challenge with purpose and poise while still conveying deep emotion through subtle facial expressions and body language. This restraint allows us to see different sides of Ivan, making us sympathize with him even when we accept his decisions.

A Film About A Story

Locke is an example of why films starring Tom Hardy are always worth watching. His captivating performance draws us into the story until we’re just as invested in its outcome as he is. It’s an intimate look at one man’s struggle to maintain balance in all aspects of his life during an emotionally charged situation—an experience anyone can relate to, no matter their circumstances. To talk more about the movie would give away the emotional core or the drama between the little moments of the film that comeplely draw you in.

Locke is not a film for everyone. No film is. But it is a film that deserves to be watched now and forever by anyone willing to take the journey.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Locke starring Tom Hardy—you won’t be disappointed!

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