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The Success of Super Mario Bros. Movie

Hollywood has been trying to adapt video games into movies for decades, and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been a smooth ride. However, last year, Illumination, the animation studio behind iconic movies such as Despicable Me and Sing, came in to redeem Hollywood’s previous failures by bringing Super Mario Bros. to the big screen. Understandably, fans were skeptical about how a game as beloved as Super Mario Bros. would turn out on the big screen. However, the movie exceeded all expectations and became a massive hit with audiences worldwide.

The Cast Is excellent.

First, let’s start with the Cast. Illumination did an excellent job of selecting the voices of the characters. Chris Pratt’s take on Mario was well-received and received a lot of appreciation from the fans. It was interesting to note how he perfectly captured the iconic plumber’s charm and energy. On the other hand, Charlie Day voiced Luigi, and he did an incredible job bringing the character to life with his voice portrayal. The chemistry between the duo added to the movie’s charm and made it an enjoyable watch. Ann Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach is a beautiful addition.

Oooh The colors

Moreover, a lot of attention was given to the animation and the overall look of the Super Mario Bros. movie. The bright colors and energy perfectly captured the video game’s essence, making it a feast for the eyes. Moreover, it wasn’t just appealing animation; the intricate detail, particularly in the action scenes, was astounding. It made it evident that a lot of dedication and hard work went into producing breathtaking action sequences.

Rainbow Road And Super Smash

Another appreciated aspect of the Super Mario Bros. movie was how it captured the heart of the video game. The film has all the classic elements of the game – from the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser’s Castle, and even the side-scrolling action sequences. It was like experiencing the game on a whole new level altogether. Illumination perfectly brought the game’s essence to the big screen, much to the delight of audiences worldwide.

Treating The Characters And Story Right

Lastly, the Super Mario Bros. movie was successful because it successfully broke the curse that seemed to plague every video game movie adaptation. The film was a box office hit, and we can safely assume this was thanks to the critical attention to detail and pure love for the video game franchise.

It treats its characters well and doesn’t try to change them much from what they were initially. The film builds upon the mythos of Mario and his family and those presented in the game over the last twenty-odd years. It is a perfect example of how to do a video game movie.

Cursed No More

For years, Hollywood struggled to produce video game adaptations that could please audiences and critics alike. However, last year’s Super Mario Bros. movie proved otherwise, thanks to Illumination’s dedication and hard work. The film managed to capture the essence of the game, had a talented cast, and was visually stunning – overall, becoming a critical and box-office success. It’s safe to say that we can expect more excellent video game adaptations from the studios like Illumination in the future.

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