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The Flash Trailer

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Ezra Miller Is The Flash?

Despite the controversies surrounding the star of its film, Warner Bros has decided to go ahead after shelling out more than 300 million and release the summer blockbuster titled The Flash. Ezra Miller has been surrounded by accusations and trouble with the law on more than one occasion. But, as it stands, we are getting the movie either way, and that’s what we are here to talk about.


Taking place in the same universe as Man of Steel and the few other DCEU movies that came before it, The Flash centers on Barry Allen, last seen in the atrocious Justice League movie, which had been bogged down, rewritten, and whittled down to a two-hour joke (yes, Russian bug spray we are talking about you). Or you may have seen him in the pleasantly excellent but long Zack Snyder Justice League, in which the character was a surprise win. Whatever the case, In a few months, we will shine a light on a movie a lot of us thought we would never see, The flash.

Taking its cues from the comic Flashpoint, The film centers on Berry Allen correcting the death of his mother and, in doing so, rewriting not only his world but the multiverse. The trailer shows Barry in a heartfelt moment where he finds his mother in the kitchen cooking alive and well, cut by a flashback of young Berry Allen finding his mother dead in the arms of his father, who sits in jail for her murder.
From the small glimpses we are shown, Berry gets a new suit from Batman, Aka Ben Affleck, who returns in what appears to be his final bow as the Caped Crusader, much to this writer’s Dismay. He has two suits from what appears in the trailer, his usual dark and gray, which he wore in Batman V Superman, and the new suit is the gray and blue reminiscence of one of his many comic book suits.

Keaton Returns

The return of another batman to the fold has many excited as Micheal Keaton once again picks up the cowl and yellow batman insignia. In the trailer, we also see he has many suits, as he has been Batman for almost fifty years. It is a triumphant return as the Danny Elfman score finally plays for Batman to who it belongs too. (yes, it pains me whenever they play the score for someone else’s Batman. Or the Superman Reeve scores for any other Superman.) Each incarnation has its scores by brilliant composers and should stay as such.

But I digress…

We get to see Keaton’s Batman fly and tackle some baddies, and superhero drop in all the splendor we have come to expect from Superhero movies over the last twenty years.

The Return Of The Superman?

As the trailer states, this is a universe with no metahumans (super-powered individuals), so the only heroes here are Batman and a single Flash from a different universe. But wait — The trailer springs on a red and blue hero. Superman!? No, Supergirl, Kara is Superman’s cousin. Unlike the comic, which found Superman landing in the field and being raised by John and Martha, flashpoint has Superman found instead by the U.S. government, where he is tested on and never fed apparently or feels the sun as he is skin and bones. In the film, this portion is replaced by Supergirl as we catch a small clip of her skin and bones, and it is only in the next scene we see her have her moment in the sun that she truly comes into her own. But with her arrival, there is another out in the eons of space called Zod.

Devils Don’t Come From Hell Beneath us, They Come From The Sky

Escaping from the military base, Kara must return to the scout ship and signal Zods’ return; as we see in the trailer, he has come to earth looking for Superman? or her? We don’t know.
We get several quick shots of Kara doing her Superman thing, and before long, the trailer ends as our expectations rise in excitement. Of course, I am excited to see Zod return as he is the best villain in the DCEU, but sadly all that will be reset after this film.

Hitting The Reset Button

Yes, as you may or may not know, the DCEU has had a few problems, mainly too many cooks trying to turn a stallion into a camel. Warner Brothers are under new management, and a new guiding force comes with it.

But that is a post for another time. This is about the flash. Reports have said this movie will reset the entire DCEU and start it back over with only a few things still being canon.

As far as I know or understand, Shazam is canon, Aquaman (so far) is canon, and The flash is. Along with Peacemaker and The suicide squad, which were Jame Gunn’s written ventures.

Whatever the future holds for D.C., the flash looks promising.

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