Marvel Legends Unveils Its First-Ever Aunt May Figure Set

Fans of Marvel Comics rejoice! The Marvel Legends collection is expanding with its first-ever figure based on Aunt May from Spider-Man. Hasbro Pulse announced the release of a 2-figure set that includes May and Doctor Octopus, the iconic nemesis of Peter Parker. This set will surely please fans of all ages waiting for an Aunt […]

Top 5 Marvel Heroes

Marvel’s roster of renowned heroes is extensive, but certain ones stand out among the rest. According to polls and other sources, these five Marvel favorites have earned top spots in popularity: Rank Marvel Hero Description 1 Spiderman Everyone knows the name ‘Spider-Man‘ – he has been swinging around as a popular superhero since 1962, bringing […]

Peter Parker Gets a Superpower Upgrade in Spider-Man #8

Peter Parker Gets a Superpower Upgrade

Get ready, Spider-Man fans! Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s ongoing Spider-Man series is about to give Peter Parker a huge superpower upgrade. Revealed in Marvel Comics’ solicitations for May 2023, Spider-Man #8 will see the wall-crawler’s superpowers become “super-charged,” though the process of doing so may just be too much for Peter to take. The […]