An Ode to Ash and Pikachu as the Classic Pokémon Story Moves On

pickachu and ash

The Pokémon phenomenon of the early 2000s, with its unforgettable characters Ash and Pikachu, has been a major part of many people’s childhoods. Now, after many years of adventures together, it’s time for a new generation of Trainers to take the wheel—and it’s bittersweet. Let’s take a moment to reflect on our beloved Ash and Pikachu before they move on.

Pokemon Cards: It’s a crazy scene

Pokemon illustrator pokemon card

Pokemon cards first gained popularity in Japan in 1996, when they were released by the company Nintendo. The cards quickly became a phenomenon and were released in other countries, including the United States, in 1998. Pokemon cards feature creatures from the Pokemon video game and animated television show, and each card has a different creature […]