Best Television Soundtracks

Welcome Back, Readers! As I usually write on my various projects, I listen to various music, Original scores, soundtracks things of that nature and thought It would be great to look at some of television’s best soundtracks. The Leftovers Score By Max Richter Max Richter’s score for The Leftovers is an emotional roller coaster ride […]

The Cultural Phenomenon That Was Lost

Welcome Back, Readers! Today we talk about one of the greatest shows of all time. Yes, my favorite show. LOST. It’s been 14 years since the first episode of Lost aired. What started as a show about a group of survivors stranded on an island quickly became a cultural phenomenon that had people worldwide talking […]

Villains Of The Small Screen!

Welcome Back, Friends! Great Villians make a television show not only enjoyable but make for a tension-filled hour of television. A great villain heightens the main character’s journey through the show and causes him or her to make decisions that change the course of the series and the hero for the rest of their journey. […]