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Convention Life: Spookala Dec 2022

Conventions Spookala 2022

Another day, another blog post!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season. We at Apopkon recently went and visited Spookcala! A local convention about an hour or so out of Apopka, give or take, and I thought it would be cool to highlight a few things we saw and who.

Spookcala had been held in what looked like a much bigger Dutton Ranch for those who watch Yellowstone. Complete with horse stables, horses, and the like. As we drove through, we saw a few horses being trained and riders practicing. Sadly, I got no pictures of the outside, not for lack of trying.

Childhood Heroes

Inside we speed-walked with excitement to the back, where one of our childhood heroes was waiting. Alex Winter. He was set against the wall in rows with many other celebrities, including Zach Galligan of Gremlins and James Remar, who played the dad in Dexter and Raiden in the second Mortal Kombat Film.

We were able to stand in line and snag a few signatures from our favorite celebrities from the convention and do they look good on a Funko Pop.

The convention was a special mix of regular vendors selling the usual ware and horror vendors selling all kinds of cool creepy, and gory items for those who are fans; I didn’t get many pictures of that. But I did get a pic of this cool Hellboy statue.

Spookcala had a nice array of vendors and items for any convention newbie or avid shopper. One of my favorite items was a lamp with lost boys printed on it. Nothing is cooler than seeing Kiefer Sutherland’s character through the light of the lampshade.

Our pal at Dandies Candies kept us supplied with sweets. Yes, he has sour.

The convention had a stage and several screens on which they shared the panels, which many celebrity guests took part in telling stories about being on set or where they filmed certain movies.

Jeepers Creepers: New Interesting Information

We learned that Jeepers Creepers (where did you get those peppers); sorry had to do it! But, yes, Jeepers Creepers was filmed between Ocala and Leesburg. A little Florida movie-making trivia for you. 

Spookcala was a success not just for the runners of the convention but for us fans who got to meet those who impacted us in our childhood and even now.

Bill & Ted 4?

I spoke with Alex Winter for a brief moment, where I asked about Bill And Ted 4 (would we get it, or have we seen the last of the excellent duo?) A smile cut across his face, sly, and he said with a most excellent nature. “We have the story done. Just waiting for things to come together.”

It sounds like we might be getting Bill And Ted 4 in the foreseeable future, and I can’t wait. Until then, WE will continue being excellent to each other and going to conventions to Party On Dude!

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