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Smile A Smile And Still Be A Villain

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) OFFICIAL TRAILER

Who are some of the best villains to grace Cinema screens? Who is your favorite Villain? I thought that would be a good question to answer.

There are so many good Villains in Cinema, so why not name a top three? These might be underappreciated villains. Villains who haven’t taken over the world, but yet they are pure evil. Evil in its purest forms.

The first of the three — Is John Doe from SEVEN

“What’s in the box!?”

The chilling words uttered by Brad Pitt’s character who, in the last twenty minutes of Seven, comes face to face with pure evil. The movie starts with John Doe killing under the guise of the seven deadly sins. He kills a fat man for Gluttony, someone else for Lust, and so on. Each murder is more vile and sadistic. This evil culminates in the last Twenty minutes when our killer John Doe turns himself in with the promise of leading to another body. By now, he is on his last sin, Envy. John takes Brad and Morgan Freeman out into the middle of nowhere. A Mail truck drives up and delivers a parcel. A parcel that would be John Doe’s final act.

“Envy is my sin. I was envious of you.” He tells this to Brad Pitt’s character who questions what is in the box as Morgan free runs at him knowing what is about to happen.

Death happens. John Doe the Villain since the beginning of the movie, killed Brads wife and had her head sent in a box. She was pregnant. This sets off Brad’s character (wrath). This is exactly what John Doe wants. He wants to be everlasting. He wants his crimes to be studied over and over again like paintings on a cave wall.

John Doe is truely a scary villain not only for his acts but for the ways he goes about completing them.

Number two — Warden Nortan: The Shawshank Redemption

Now, Warden Nortan isn’t like John Doe murdering or killing under some religious testament. No, he does what he does for greed.

He is friendly and cool. His prison is orderly led by his right hand man who rules with an iron fist and appears to be the villain at first but he’s not. The Warden is the real villain. We see as the film progresses he is taking jobs for cash. We see that he is not the high Christian he pretends to be. He is in fact a liar and a cheat. He using the prisoners as slave labor to make himself money and when he finds out our hero is innocent he kills the only witness.

Now you might say this is not really that villainous, but think. If he did this to our hero he probably has done it to countless others. Imagine all the men who could have been free if the Warden wasn’t such a scumbag.

Last but not least — Anton Chigurh: No Country For Old Men.

“Nah, I don’t think that’s how I’d describe him, I guess I’d say he doesn’t have a sense of humor.”

One of the characters describes Anton in this manner and as the film continues he see he does not. He is a terminator. He is a vile, dangerous man who has one goal and he does not deviate from it. Chigurh is a man with a particular perspective on the world, one concerned with chance, fate, and debts accrued during the course of a human life.

He is an unstoppable force waiting to meet an unmovable object. He guides himself through the film killing almost every person in his path with a flip of a coin or a pop of his canister. He is a monster of a man whose path you would never want to cross. He is the scariest on this list because he is the most real of them all.

And no list is complete without an honorable mention.

Grandpa Joe. The mother is working several jobs while the whole family is in bed. The minute Charlie gets that golden ticket, Grandpa Joe is dancing and singing and drinking fizzy pop. He is a villain of all villains.

Who do you think is an underratted Villian? Let us know!

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