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Paranoia Agent: A Must-Watch!

An English dub of Paranoia Agent began airing in the U.S. on Adult Swim on May 29, 2005, It was the first mystery-style Anime I ever had the good fortune of watching, and I was blown away. The story, the style, and the way each episode belongs to a new character, some of who were side characters in previous episodes astounded me and kept me gripped to the television for hours.

The series contains 13 episodes, starting with Tsukiko Sagi, a shy, timid woman who created the immensely popular pink dog Maromi. As she walks home one night, she is attacked by an elementary school boy on gold roller skates and a baseball cap while brandishing a bent golden baseball bat. Two police detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa are assigned to the case. They suspect that Tsukiko is lying about the attack until they receive word of a second victim.

Soon the attacker, dubbed Lil’ Slugger, is blamed for the street assaults in Tokyo. None of the victims can recall the boy’s face, and after the attack, each victim feels relief from the problem of their lives.

Each episode is compressed following a single character as we see their life, the trouble they face, and the end, where they are met with Lil Sluggers’ golden bat.

The episodes contain a robust amount of subject matter and character personality types. The result is a mind-blowing tale and an ending that leaves you in awe.

Infecting Your Characters.

The attacks become rumors spreading across the populace, making them paranoid and dangerous. A Paranoia Agent is born and infects society through media, hearsay, and other technology. Through the series, we see how Paranoia, fear, and hysteria on a mass scale can breathe life into fictional concepts.

Similar attacks happen all over the city, real or not, and bring hysteria to the community.

The Tone and Subject

The tone and subject matter can occasionally be extremely dark, dealing with subjects like Mental illness and suicidal thoughts. As unsettling as the subjects the Anime explores, what’s impressive is the unique way it explores them. That is with a playful levity. It creates this intense feeling of dissonance as the tone of the episode clashes with the subject at hand.

The horror from Paranoia Agent comes from the show’s unique take on exploring the darkest parts of living in a contemporary society. This grounded horror generates the fantasy that’s present in each one of its characters’ lives.

For The Better.

With each attack, those who meet Lil Slugger are gifted with absolution, not of their sins but of the troubles of their life. Many characters face hardships in some shape or form that drag their life down.

In episode two, a young boy faces a tough time at school as he wants to be popular and loved, yet his peers no longer love him as he looks closely like Lil Slugger. The boy faces ridicule and fear a symptom that subsides when Lil Slugger visits him.

The series presents many questions and a few answers, but it’s a show that will have you reeling even after you finish the 13 episodes. You will find yourself going back and rewatching episodes or even the entire series for answers you may have missed.

A Must Watch

Paranoia Agent not only deals with dark subject matter in interesting and exciting ways, but each of its characters feels real in their perspective realities, and each faces different challenges in their lives. Even the reason for their troubles and the result when they welcome the attack from Lil Slugger is an impressive storytelling feat.

If you haven’t seen an episode, stop reading now, go on Hulu or Funimation, sit down, buckle up, and get ready for one of the best viewing experiences. I highly recommend this series and the mystery it unfolds.

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