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Marvel Introduces a Terrifying New Mutant Hybrid

Marvel Introduces a Terrifying New Mutant Hybrid

Fans of the X-Force series in the Marvel Universe will have to face a new villain with a terrifying hybrid mutant character. This hybrid creature is composed of Wolverine, Colossus, and Beast and is part of the mysterious Man with the Peacock Tattoo’s anti-mutant group called XENO. Let’s take a closer look at this hybrid character and why it may be a formidable opponent against our beloved X-Force heroes.

Who is The Man With The Peacock Tattoo?

The mysterious villain behind this new mutant hybrid character is known as The Man With The Peacock Tattoo. He is leading XENO, an anti-mutant group that has been attempting to create an army of powerful mutants using an advanced resurrection egg technology. In Issue #37 of the X-Force series, we are introduced to his latest experiment; a Frankenstein’s monster type creature created from genetic material from Wolverine, Colossus and Beast.


What are its Powers?

This terrifying mutant hybrid has all three mutants’ powers combined into one being; super strength and durability from Colossus, regenerative healing abilities from Wolverine, and genius level intelligence from Beast. It’s unclear how powerful it can become even though it was unable to be activated due to its creator’s lack of experience in genetic engineering, however it would certainly prove to be a formidable enemy for the X-Force heroes should they have to face it in battle.

How Is It Defeated?

In the end, it appears that this monstrous creature meets its demise when Cyclops uses his optic blast to destroy the resurrection egg that contains its genetic material. However, given how powerful this creature could potentially become, if it were ever unleashed upon our heroes again there’s no telling what kind of destruction it could cause before being defeated again by the X-Force team.


Marvel fans will certainly not want to miss out on Issue #37 as we get our first glimpse into this terrifying new mutant hybrid character brought forth by The Man With The Peacock Tattoo and his sinister agenda with XENO. Despite its destruction at the hands of Cyclops in this issue, one can only speculate what future issues might bring should this creature ever return! Be sure to stay tuned for further developments in this story arc as we await more answers about this monsterous creation!

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