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Justin Roiland No Longer Associated with Rick and Morty

Fans of the hit show, Rick and Morty, were stunned today to learn that the show’s co-creator, Justin Roiland, is no longer associated with Adult Swim. The show will continue on, with Dan Harmon remaining as sole creator through season 10. The major change to the show is that the main characters, which had been voiced by Roiland, will be recast. What does this mean for the future of Rick and Morty? Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

Adult Swim recently tweeted that they have ended their association with Justin Roiland in regards to Rick and Morty. The tweet also stated that the talented crew are hard at work on Season 7. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon is still going to remain as sole creator through season 10, but without his partner there may be some changes in store for the beloved characters.

The Characters

Rick and Morty has become a fan favorite due to its unique blend of dark humor and offbeat sci-fi adventures. Both characters have become iconic in pop culture due to their unique attributes and witty banter between each other. With Roiland no longer voicing these characters it will certainly be interesting how the new voice actors bring them both to life. It’s possible that fans may not even notice any changes if they choose voice actors similar in tone and timbre as Roiland had used previously.

The Future of Rick and Morty

It remains unclear who will replace Justin Roiland or when this new person or people will join the team behind Rick and Morty. Until then we can only speculate what other changes might come in order for Adult Swim to keep up with its original vision for season 10. Without a doubt there are still plenty of exciting adventures ahead for our favorite interdimensional duo!


It’s always difficult when one of your favorite shows undergoes such a big change like this one did today with Justin Roiland stepping away from Adult Swim’s popular series, Rick and Morty. But fans should rest assured knowing that Dan Harmon is still onboard as sole creator through season 10, so all our favorite elements from previous seasons should still be present – just potentially voiced by someone else! We’ll just have to wait until more details emerge about who will be replacing Roiland before we can speculate further about what lies ahead for our beloved interdimensional duo!

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