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Jack Kesy to Play Hellboy in Upcoming Reboot

The rumor mill has been churning for weeks, but now it’s official: Deadpool 2 actor Jack Kesy has been cast as the titular demon for Millennium Media’s upcoming Hellboy reboot, Hellboy: The Crooked Man. This is exciting news for fans of the franchise, and it will surely bring a whole new level of intensity and depth to the character that we haven’t seen before. Let’s take a look at why this casting choice makes so much sense.

Jack Kesy, Not Just Any Demon

The team behind the upcoming film was very particular about who they wanted to cast as their beloved antihero. Jonathan Yunger, co-president of Millennium Media, said in a statement that “Jack Kesy is a dynamic actor who has the ability to morph into his roles.” Kesy had previously worked with them on the 2020 war film The Outpost and he also had main roles on television series like Claws and The Strain. But he is perhaps best known for his role as Black Tom Cassidy in Deadpool 2. His experience playing a villainous character gives him an edge when it comes to playing an antihero like Hellboy, who often straddles both sides of good and evil.

Kesy also brings another important element to the table – youthfulness. He is 34 years old while previous Hellboy actors Ron Perlman (who played the role in 2004’sHellboy and its sequel) and David Harbour (who starred in 2019’s Hellboy) were already middle-aged when they took on their respective roles. A younger actor brings an entirely different energy to such an iconic character – one that could be crucial in making this reboot stand out from its predecessors.


For fans of Hellboy, Jack Kesy’s casting comes as welcome news. It certainly seems like the perfect recipe for success – a young actor with experience playing villains combined with a production team that knows exactly what it takes to make their vision come alive on screen. We can’t wait to see what kind of surprises this new version of our favorite demon superhero has in store!

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