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Exploring the Darker Side of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #18

Exclusive from: https://www.cbr.com/marvel-demonic-spider-man-first-major-enemy/

For the first time in Marvel history, a new, demon-powered version of Spider-Man has been introduced in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #18. This new version of the classic superhero, known as Rek-Rap, is set to face his first major enemy. Read on for an exclusive preview and find out what this darker version of our beloved web-slinger is up against.

More on Rek-Rap

Rek-Rap has the same powers as Peter Parker but with a few key differences. His costume is much darker than Peter Parker’s traditional red and blue spandex suit. He also has access to a range of demonic powers that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. It remains to be seen if these darker powers will be enough to help him defeat his first major enemy – an ancient demonic entity known as Mammon.

Mammon is an ancient entity that was born from chaos and destruction. He was once believed to have been destroyed by a powerful warrior during the dawn of time, but it appears he has returned with a vengeance. With his newfound power and influence, he seeks to spread chaos across all realities by manipulating people into doing his bidding. He knows that Rek-Rap stands in the way of achieving his goals, so it will take all of the web slinger’s strength and cunning to defeat him.

The issue promises plenty of action as Rek-Rap battles Mammon for control over multiple realities. How will he fare against an enemy who has been around since before time began? Will he overcome this seemingly insurmountable task? The answer lies within Amazing Spider-Man #18!

Fans of Marvel’s popular wall crawler won’t want to miss this issue!

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