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Phil Moore

Nick Arcade, Nickelodeon All-Star Challenge, What Would You Do?
nick Arcade

Phil Moore, an American television host, writer, producer, and comedian, is best known for his engaging work on the popular Nickelodeon game show, Nick Arcade. Born on August 24, 1961, and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Moore’s journey into the entertainment industry reflects a fascinating effort of unwavering dedication and passion. Prior to finding his place in the realm of television, Moore was employed as a computer technician in sunny Orlando, Florida. However, the lure of the entertainment industry led him to abandon his technical pursuits and embrace a career in stand-up comedy, where his captivating performances left audiences enthralled in the local Orlando scene. Today, Moore has made a home in Los Angeles, continuing to entertain others as part of a TV theme song cover band called “The Remotes.” This innovative ensemble features a diverse collection of television personnel and industry members, coming together to create unique, nostalgic performances that unify audiences old and new.

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