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Mark Muncy & Kari Schultz

Eerie Florida, Freaky Florida and Creepy Florida
Eerie Florida, Freaky Florida and Creepy Florida.

MARK MUNCY is an author of paranormal history, horror, and science fiction. He has spent more than three decades collecting ghostly tales and reports of legendary beasts. His fourth book for The History Press, Eerie Appalachia, released in summer of 2022. This follows up his best-selling books Eerie Florida, Freaky Florida and Creepy Florida. He is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The X-Zone and Into the Fray Radio. He is a commentator on numerous shows including Expedition X, Sasquatch Chronicles, Road Trips with Ripley’s and many more TV and radio shows. He is the host of Eerie Travels on Area 52 TV. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the remains of an ancient shell midden with his wife, Kari Schultz. Occasionally, he is visited by his daughters when they remember he is still there.

You can find out more at www.EERIEFLORIDA.com.

KARI SCHULTZ is a varied illustrator at Fox Dream Studio who enjoys fantasy and horror. She has been working on art as long as she can remember and reading folklore and horror almost as long. She has illustrated several books of legends and monsters for The History Press including Eerie Florida, Eerie Alabama, Eerie New Mexico, Creepy Florida and Freaky Florida. She has a thing for foxes. When not drawing she is the caretaker of her baby dragon named Clawdius, her pythons Missy, Thulsa Doom, and Pajamas, and now dozens of baby spiders. She can be lured forth from her home with sushi or pasta.

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