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Bill Slevin

The Devil’s Academy, Ghost Asylum, The Warren Foundation
Bill Slevin

Known For: The Devil’s Academy, Ghost Asylum, The Warren Foundation, Paranormal Investigator of over 30+ years.

Bill Slevin is a Paranormal Investigator, Researcher, Parapsychologist, Empath, and Celebrity.

You can see Bill on the Travel Channel’s Shock Doc “The Devil’s Academy” that just aired 2/26/23 and is also streaming on Discovery + now.

Bill has been part of the paranormal field for over 30+ years being part of well over 500+ residential investigations. Bill can be seen on TV, Radio, Podcasts, Magazines and newspapers all over the world. Bill is a Parapsychologist and a Demonology Specialist and has been part of some very dark and demonic cases. Bill is also an educator in the paranormal field traveling around educating people at conventions, schools, colleges, libraries etc..

Bill is the founder and lead investigator for the Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.), a professional nonprofit paranormal research team based out of Florida.

Bill is also the Regional Director for the Southeast US & The Director of Development for the Warren legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research, which is run by Chris McKinnell the grandson of Ed & Lorraine Warren, created to help carry on their legacy of helping people.

You can learn more about Bill at www.billslevin.com and www.facebook.com/slevinparanormal

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