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Best Television Soundtracks

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As I usually write on my various projects, I listen to various music, Original scores, soundtracks things of that nature and thought It would be great to look at some of television’s best soundtracks.

The Leftovers Score By Max Richter

Max Richter’s score for The Leftovers is an emotional roller coaster ride that perfectly captures the emotions of this show about grief and loss. His compositions often start out slow and minimalistic before building up to intense crescendos that leave viewers reeling. The hauntingly beautiful piano melody of “The Void” is one of the most memorable pieces in the show’s OST and perfectly accompanies the show’s complex themes.

Above is one powerful scene from the Series (if you haven’t seen it, Go now). The event takes place, and the music of Max Richter swells in our ears and overtakes the scene but doesn’t do the scene a disservice, no far from it heightens it.

The music is so powerful and moving that it can even be added to shows and movies it doesn’t belong to and make that scene which its added even more magical and moving. As shown above, the scene where Luke learns of his father — Its been edited yes — but it is highly powerful with Max Richters wonderful score. I highly recommend watching the Leftovers and listening to its score often.

Lost – Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino’s work on Lost was not only mesmerizing but also iconic. His use of ethereal synthesizers and sweeping strings captures the mystery and intensity of this sprawling sci-fi drama about plane crash survivors on a mysterious island. Giacchino’s use of dissonant chords creates an air of unease that perfectly encapsulates the feelings experienced by these characters who are constantly struggling against an unknown force out to get them.

This portion of the Love And Death Score from season one and sprinkled and extended all through the series, is one of the best and truly helped elevate many of the emotional scenes throughout the series.

Like the scene above, the score was its own character in the show heightening moments of joy, anger, and happiness sprinkled with mystery.

True Detective – T Bone Burnett

T Bone Burnett’s score for True Detective is dark and brooding, perfectly capturing the gritty neo-noir atmosphere of this crime drama set in Louisiana bayou country. He uses minimalist instrumentation combined with haunting harmonies to create a unique sonic landscape that draws viewers into its world. From its opening theme “Far From Any Road,” to its closing credits, “My Least Favorite Life,” True Detective’s score is as captivating as it is unsettling – making it one of TV’s best original soundtracks ever created.

And unlike most of the scores with no words and just chords, True Detective mixed their show with eerie songs with words that matched its setting and also an unsettling score.

Listen And Be Awed

Each of these shows has an impressive OST that helps bring their stories to life in ways no other medium can match. Whether it’s Max Richter’s emotionally charged pieces for The Leftovers or T Bone Burnett’s brooding soundtrack for True Detective, these scores are essential for creating powerful television experiences that stay with us long after we finish watching them. So next time you watch your favorite show, pay attention to its OST – you might just be enthralled!

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