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Best Film Scores Of The Last Decade

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In the last post, I spoke on a few television shows with scores that I write to now I figure why not do movies too. Every great film needs an equally great score to go along with it. Whether it’s a triumphant anthem that gets your blood pumping or a somber theme that can make you weep, music is essential in enhancing the movie experience. The last decade has been full of memorable film scores, from blockbusters to indie favorites. Here are some of the best film scores of the last decade and why they stand out.

Hans Zimmer Interstellar/Inception

The name Hans Zimmer is synonymous with incredible film scores. His work on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Inception was especially noteworthy, as he managed to perfectly capture the grandiose scale of space exploration in Interstellar and the dizzying dreamscape of Inception. His signature use of synths combined with classical instrumentation also gave these soundtracks a unique quality that set them apart from their contemporaries.

Hans Zimmer’s Instrumental of Time is just one of many great sounds of the film.

In these movies, the score is not secondary to the story and action; these scenes would be nothing without the score. The score in these films is a part of the scenes, and scenes are a part of the score.

Howard Shore – Lord Of The Rings

Howard Shore’s work on Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy remains one of his most popular works. It was a massive undertaking, with Shore composing over nine hours’ worth of music for each installment in the series. His sweeping themes capture the epic scope of Middle-earth and its inhabitants’ courage and strength, making them an essential part of this beloved fantasy saga.

Joker – Hilda Guonadottir

Hildur Guðnadóttir won an Oscar for her work on Joker this year, and for a good reason: her score perfectly captures both Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness and Gotham City’s own sense of dread and paranoia. Her mesmerizing use of cellos gives Joker a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that stands out from other superhero movies, making it one of 2019’s most memorable soundtracks.

It Is the Music That Guides Us

From sweeping epics to intimate psychological thrillers, some truly remarkable film scores have been released over the past decade. Whether you like classical instrumentation or synth-heavy tracks, there’s something here for everyone! So if you’re looking for new music to soundtrack your life or just need something to listen to while you study or work, these are worth checking out! Geeks will be sure to appreciate these amazing works!

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