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A Retrospective Look at the Metal Gear Solid Series

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Missing one of my favorite games lately, Metal Gear Solid, and with news, they might be remaking Snake Eater for the new generation of consoles, I thought a look back at one of the best video game franchises was in order.

Metal Gear

The Metal Gear Solid series is a classic for many gamers of a certain age. It has been around for almost two decades, and its influence can still be felt in modern gaming today. But why has it had such staying power? Let’s review the series and explore what makes this beloved franchise so special.

The Characters Of Metal Gear Solid

One of the main reasons why fans of the series have stayed engaged for so long is because of how memorable and interesting its characters are. From Solid Snake to Big Boss to Psycho Mantis, each character in the series has their own unique personality and backstory that makes them feel like real people instead of just another video game character. The developers even went as far as to add voice actors to bring life to these characters, making them even more engaging than before. This level of detail has made it easy for gamers to become emotionally invested in each story arc and connect with these characters on a deeper level.

Like an Anime, each character, no matter how outlandish, is leveled out by their story of woe, of why they have become what they are on the battlefield. Each character has an interesting point of view and a unique set of skills that sets them apart from anything else seen in a game before.

Psycho Mantis

The Gamplay

Metal Gear Solid is known for its stealth-based gameplay elements, making it stand out from other games. Players must use careful planning and strategy to get through levels without being spotted by enemies or triggering alarms. This adds an extra layer of challenge beyond simply shooting your way through a level like most shooters do. Additionally, Metal Gear Solid features some light RPG elements, such as item management and weapon customization, giving players more agency over their experience.

Each game has a superb level design in which the player must maneuver the land to attack their main objective. Even in later titles like Metal Gear Solid 5, where the world was open, each area you found would either help or mess up your stealth. But also, the game lets you choose if you want to hide or go in full blast, devastating your enemies.

The Story

The narrative storytelling aspects of the Metal Gear Solid franchise are also incredibly well done, further adding to its appeal over time. Some say the storytelling is hard to follow and yes sometimes you may need to rewatch sections as many aspects of the game are technical. Many of the games deal with aspects of real-world history and wars. Mainly the games following Big Boss and his ascension to becoming the big bad in Metal Gear for Snes. Each game follows a unique storyline that ties into past events while introducing new characters along the way. The stories are full of twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end, making them quite thrilling experiences.

You Earned The Title Of Big Boss

The games creator, Hideo Kojima, is a master storyteller who has proven himself over and over again. He has taken pieces from every source of popculutre he knew growing up and created a gaming franchise that even to today beckons Us into wanting more.

After I finished Metal Gear Solid V I wanted another adventure. I wanted the thrill of the story and I wanted to know what else happens to Big Boss I wanted the completion of the story in its whole. Sadly, with Konami and Kojima’s fallout we may never get a true sequel from its creator who has moved on to his own studio and has made his way into making new adventure with new franchises — Death Stranding being one of them.

I can only hope if Konami ever makes Metal Gear Solid 6 they swallow their pride and let its creator come back into the fold and create another masterpiece and end the massive story Big Boss and his sons in the fashion it deserves.

All in all, it’s no wonder why Metal Gear Solid remains one of the most popular franchises amongst gamers today; its combination of great characters, challenging gameplay mechanics, and captivating storytelling make it one heck of an unforgettable experience! Whether you’re playing for nostalgia or experiencing it for the first time—there’s something here for everyone! If you haven’t yet played one (or any) games from this series—we highly recommend trying it! You won’t be disappointed!

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