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A 3-Min Beginner’s Guide to Magic the Gathering Cards

How Magic the Gathering Cards Started

Magic the Gathering cards were first released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Since then, they have become one of the most popular trading card games in history. The game is based on a fantasy world where players assume the role of powerful wizards and battle each other using powerful spells and creatures. Players collect cards with different abilities and use them to build their own decks, which they can then use to duel other players in exciting matches.

How is MTG Played?

In order to play Magic the Gathering, each player must have their own deck of 60 cards. Each card has unique abilities that can be used against opponents during duels. During a match, players take turns drawing from their decks and casting spells or summoning creatures to attack their opponents. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s life points to zero before they do it to you. The first player to do this wins the match!

Valuation of Magic The Gathering Cards

Magic the Gathering cards vary greatly in value depending on their rarity, age, condition, and popularity among collectors. Some rarer cards can fetch prices as high as $15000! But don’t worry – there are plenty of inexpensive options out there too for those just getting started. Here are some of the top most expensive MTG cards ever sold:

  • Black Lotus – $166000
  • Mox Sapphire – $140000
  • Ancestral Recall – $110000
  • Time Walk – $100000
  • Timetwister – $80000
  • Mox Jet – $62000
  • Library Of Alexandria – $55000
  • Mox Emerald – $50000
  • Mox Ruby – $50000
  • Mox Pearl –$40000                                                                                                                                                                                                

How To Start Your MTG Collection                                                      

Starting a collection of Magic the Gathering cards doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating! Many local stores offer starter packs that include everything you need for your first few matches at an affordable price point.

You can also find many online retailers who specialize in selling individual MTG cards at discounted prices so that you can start building up your collection without breaking your budget! Once you’ve got all your supplies ready, it’s time to start learning how to play and honing your skills so that you can begin competing against other players online or at local tournaments!

MTG offers something for everyone

No matter if you’re a collector or card game enthusiast , Magic The Gathering is an exciting way for anyone looking for something new and fun . With its rich history , diverse characters , and varied strategies , MTG offers something for everyone . Whether you’re just starting out or adding more cards to an existing collection , now is a great time dive into this classic trading card game ! With our beginner’s guide , you should now be well on your way towards understanding what makes these iconic cards unique . So grab some friends (or strangers!) , gather up a few decks , and see who comes out on top ! Good luck !

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